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ITR Filing Last Date: Can a person’s ITR be filed even after death? what is the rule

ITR Filing Online : The last date for filing Income Tax Return (ITR Filing Last Date) is 31 July 2022. If you do not file ITR on time, then you may face penalty. This question must have come in your mind that if a person dies, then it is necessary to file ITR (ITR Filing of a Dead Person) or not? So let us tell you that it is necessary to file the ITR of the deceased person. But who will file his ITR after his death?

recognize legal heir
To file the ITR of that deceased person, first of all, any of his relatives like his wife or husband will have to get the approval of legal heir. For this you can take the help of the court. The close members of the person such as husband-wife or son-daughter or anyone else are made legal heirs by the court. The legal heir is also recognized by the local municipal corporation.

register yourself
You have to first register yourself as legal heir by visiting the Income Tax Department website. You will need a copy of the legal heir certificate from the court or municipal corporation. Which you have to go to the Income Tax Department website and click on ‘Register as legal heir’ through ‘My Account’ and complete the process of registering yourself as legal heir Will be. Within a few days, you will get a notification from the Income Tax Department that whether you have been registered as a legal heir or not.

have to apply like this
The ITR of the deceased person will also be filled in the same way as you fill your ITR. After becoming the legal heir, you will be able to login to the deceased person’s account. After filling the ITR, the tax department will permanently close that account. In the whole process, you will need the death certificate of the deceased person, PAN card and Aadhar card, your PAN card and Aadhar card as well as proof of being legal heir. . After the income tax return is filed, the refund will come in the account of the deceased person only. You have to contact their bank to withdraw money from that bank account and get it closed.

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