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Italy is ready to ban the use of Russian antiviruses in the public sector

The Italian government intends to stop the use of Russian anti-virus software in the local public sector in light of the events of recent weeks. The country’s authorities fear that antivirus software could be used to hack into key websites.

According to Reuters , citing representatives of local authorities, the new rules will allow local authorities to replace all software deemed potentially dangerous. Another source told the media that the relevant regulations will be adopted this week.

The Kaspersky Lab office in Italy said it was monitoring the situation and was “seriously concerned” , especially about the fate of its employees, who may be affected by decisions made for geopolitical, rather than technical reasons. The company said that the current sentiment will lead to the adoption of “illiberal laws” that will primarily affect Italian partners, families and citizens.

Representatives of the Russian company once again stressed that they are a private business and have no ties to the Russian government. In an advisory issued Tuesday, the Italian cybersecurity agency said there was no evidence yet that Russian software products from companies linked to Russia had been compromised.

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Nevertheless, it was noted that the risks against the background of the development of the conflict should be reassessed, and anti-virus software is especially sensitive due to the “high level of invasiveness” in the systems it serves.

Private business also refuses to cooperate with Kaspersky – the Ferrari team participating in the Formula 1 championships announced the termination of sponsorship from the Russian team by mutual agreement and evaluates further prospects for using Russian anti-virus software.

Earlier this week, the German cybersecurity agency BSI warned users that Russian anti-virus software could be used for cyberattacks.

source: Reuters




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