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It will be possible to live on the planet Ceres, but it also has other features.

In 1801, astronomer Piazzi discovered a small point with a telescope – a planet, which he named Ceres. In 2006, this planet received the status of a dwarf. It also has many features.

  1. Ceres has water and you can live… Thanks to the exploration of the planet from 2015 to 2018, a lot of new things were learned about it. So, in composition, it is similar to Mars, Earth, Mercury, Venus, but its density is much lower. There is a lot of salt and water on the planet’s crust, and there are also cryovolcanoes that spew mud, salt water, and volatile materials. And most importantly, there is water on Ceres, in particular, it makes up 25 percent of the planet. Interestingly, there are more water reserves here than on Earth. Also, as experts note, it is more suitable than other planets for resettlement of people on it.
  1. Gravitational anomaly and other features… The device “Dawn”, located in 2018 on Ceres, before shutting down, transmitted data about the planet to Earth. It turned out that the inner regions of this planet contain light materials, including water ice.
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