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It takes just over 30 seconds to assemble one Tesla. Details about the world’s most productive electric vehicle factory

Tesla’s Shanghai plant has become the world’s most productive EV assembly plant, with an average production time per vehicle of just over 38 seconds (calculated 24/7).

Fresh drone footage shows that Tesla’s Chinese gigafactory in Shanghai is still operating at extremely high production rates, at least during peak periods, producing more and more electric vehicles.

According to the source, Tesla released a 10-minute video showing the production of 18 Tesla Model Y vehicles. It takes about 34 seconds to produce each car. Another 10-minute video shows the production of 11 Tesla Model 3 vehicles, which takes about 55 seconds.

If we apply this speed, then the total production for the year will be even close to 1.5 million units, so it is reasonable to assume that the Tesla plant in Shanghai may well have a real production capacity of 1 million units in 2022.

Preparations are currently underway for the construction of the third phase of the Shanghai Tesla Gigafactory in China, and the area will be doubled from the current one.

Tesla Chinese factory shipped over 480,000 vehicles in 2021. That’s more than half of the 936,000 vehicles the American automaker delivered worldwide last year.

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