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IT-specialists in Russia began to offer lower salaries

In Russia, the salaries of IT specialists offered by employers have decreased, as Vedomosti writes, citing data from HeadHunter ( analysts.

The average salary for a novice programmer in January was about 100,000 rubles, which is 13% less than a year earlier. Mid-level IT specialists are paid about 16,000 rubles, that is, by 11% compared to a year earlier. Only for highly qualified specialists the salary increased by 4% and amounts to 250 thousand rubles.

Experts believe that the reason for the decline in salaries was the influx of beginners. At the beginning of last year, there were no more than two resumes per vacancy, and today their number reaches four. It is also reported that traffic in online IT courses increased by 80% in January-August last year.

However, the study also showed that the reduction in salaries offered did not affect the level of actual income of IT professionals. In 2023, the actual salary of novice IT specialists increased by 9% (up to 97,000 rubles), medium-skilled specialists – by 11% (158,000 rubles), highly qualified personnel – by 5% (211,000 rubles).

Aleksey Kirpichnikov, head of the development department at SKB Kontur, said that the intensive growth of salaries in the sector has ended. Renat Lashin, executive director of ARPP “Domestic Soft”, explains this by the departure of foreign companies from the Russian market and the release of a large number of personnel.


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