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It is very easy to listen to any printed document or book in smartphone, follow these steps


You can listen to any book or document through the Google Lens app.
By changing the mail, female voice from Microsoft lens, its speed can also be reduced.
Both these apps are available for free on the Google Play Store for all users.

new Delhi: After buying a book, people like to read it in the initial time. Due to some reason people get bored with it after reading a few pages after the interest decreases. Not only this, many times people do not show much interest in reading the printed document as well. Most people like to listen to songs. Similarly, now instead of reading any document or book, you can listen to it with the help of a smartphone.
For this you will not need to spend a single rupee separately. You can listen to it very easily with the help of apps available on Google Play Store.

Download this app on smartphone
To listen instead of reading any book or printed document, download Microsoft Lens – PDF Scanner for free from the Google Play Store. This app is also available for iOS users. In this, after clicking on the pictures of the document or book, click on the listen section at the bottom. This way you can listen to it now. Apart from this, facilities are available to change the voices of male and female. You can also increase or decrease the speed of the pitch sound.

Listen to any document or book like this
1. To listen to a document or book instead of reading it, first click its pictures.
2. Now open Microsoft Lens – PDF Scanner on your smartphone.
3. After adding a photo to it, click on the top of the language.
4. Now click on the immersive reader.
5. In this way you can listen to any document through voice.
6. Handwriting can also be added to it.

You can also listen to the text through the lens on Google translate
Like Microsoft Lens, you can also listen to any document or book through Google Lens. For this, first download Google Translate. In this, click on the Google lens on the bottom right side. Now click on the pictures of the document that you want to listen to. After this, click on Listen Voice. Apart from listening to it, you can also download it in different languages ​​and share it with others.

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