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‘It is good that Maldives and India are fighting, we will benefit’, the statement of the minister of this country came.

India Maldives Sri Lanka : There is still some sourness in the relations between India and Maldives. There have been many reasons for this. China’s intervention and sending Indian army from Maldives was a big issue. Maldives is more troubled since PM Narendra Modi went to Lakshadweep at the beginning of the year. Although India and Maldives are neighboring countries sharing maritime borders, relations are not friendly. There is tension going on in Maldives on many issues after Mohammed Muizzu became the President again, due to which Indian tourists are hesitant in going to Maldives. Now Sri Lanka’s statement has come regarding this. Sri Lanka’s Tourism Minister believes that his country has benefited from the tension that has arisen in the relations between India and Maldives.

Minister Harin Fernando said on Thursday that after the boycott of Maldives travel, Sri Lanka’s tourism industry is definitely benefiting from it. Referring to the dispute between India and Maldives, Fernando told CNBC that due to what happened between New Delhi and Male, there has been a huge decline in the number of Indian tourists in Maldives, which is benefiting Sri Lanka.

Indians will be the biggest spenders
Fernando believes that by 2030, Indian travelers will be the fourth largest spender on travel in the world. This is a good sign for Sri Lanka. He said, India is the fastest growing economy and Sri Lanka is also benefiting. According to the Tourism Ministry of Sri Lanka, now the number of Indians reaching Maldives has decreased and their number is at sixth position after China, Russia, UK, Italy and Germany. In January this year, 34,400 Indians came to Sri Lanka to visit, which is more than double the 13,759 Indians who came in January last year. The number of Indians coming to Sri Lanka in the first quarter of 2024 also increased significantly compared to the same period in 2023.

India-Sri Lanka are increasing in trade along with tourism
Fernando said, Sri Lanka has a lot to offer. When it comes to India, the importance of Sri Lanka increases. Sri Lanka has beaches, casinos as well as places related to Ramayana. It connects both the countries to each other. He also said that connectivity is good in both the countries. SriLankan Airlines flies 80 times a week to Indian airports alone.


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