Thursday, February 22, 2024

It is difficult for Tesla to come to India at present, this reason has become a hindrance in the way.

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Tesla is looking to invest Rs 4,000 crore after getting concessional tariff for 12,000 cars.

It seems difficult for America’s luxury electric company Tesla to come to India at the moment. Apart from not being able to reach an agreement with the government on the issue of import duty, opposition from domestic automobile companies is also a major reason for this. At the same time, government officials say that Tesla has also not expressed strong will to come to India.

According to officials associated with the matter, if the government grants tax exemption, it would want Tesla to make a clear commitment to manufacturing in India and increasing investment. The government is ready to reduce the 100% import duty on EVs to 15% on the condition of investment and local manufacturing.

This was Tesla’s plan

Tesla is looking to invest Rs 4,000 crore after getting concessional tariff for 12,000 cars. If lower duty was approved for 30,000 cars, the company would have increased it to Rs 16 thousand crores.

Mahindra and Tata put obstacles in the way

Mahindra, Tata Motors stalled the plan but major domestic EV companies like Mahindra & Mahindra and Tata Motors appealed to the Indian authorities not to reduce the import duty and protect the interests of domestic companies. After this, Tesla’s arrival hung in the balance.

Tata launches the cheapest electric car

Tata Motors has expanded its EV segment and launched Tata Punch EV. The starting price of this Tata EV is Rs 10.99 lakh, which can be purchased in three variant options – Adventure, Empowered and Empowered Plus. This car is coming in a total of five color options.

Features like 6 airbags, LED headlamps, smart digital DRL, multi-mode region, electronic stability program have been provided in Electric Punch. Apart from this, the car has cruise control, front LED fog lamp, 26.03 cm Harman infotainment system, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, electronic parking brake with autohold, diamond cut alloy wheels, air purifier with AQI display, auto fold ORVM, 360 degree. Camera surround view, blind spot monitor is also provided.

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