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Is your smartphone also water resistant or water proof know this way and avoid damage


Nowadays, two types of gadgets are coming in the market, whether it is a smartphone or smart watch or smart band in which one is water resistant and the other is waterproof. However, people do not understand the difference between these two properly and due to this many people do harm. So if you are also one of those who do not know what is the difference between water proof and water resistant smartphone, then today’s article is for you and you should read it completely.

What are water resistant smartphones?

The first thing we need to know is that water resistant does not mean waterproof. These two are different and their work is also different. Smartphone being water resistant means that water cannot enter inside the phone. Meaning even if a few drops fall on the phone, it will not harm anything. But do not assume that if the phone is submerged in water, then there will be no harm to it, in such a situation the phone will definitely get damaged, so keep this in mind.

What are waterproof smartphones?

Apart from this, there are many mobile phones available in the market that come with waterproof certification. That is, you can feel free to use these smartphones even under water. The specialty of a waterproof smartphone is that you can use this type of phone for photography even under water.

In this way, whenever you go to buy a new smartphone, keep these two things in mind, because if you use water resistant as water proof and use it inside water, then you will have to suffer heavy losses and have to buy a new mobile.

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