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Is your phone too hot? Following these tips will make you super cool in minutes.

New Delhi: Today many tasks are possible with a single click of a smartphone. As a result, the use of smartphones has also increased significantly. Many users complain that the phone gets hot due to being used all day long. There have also been frequent incidents of phone explosions. This problem is more prevalent in summer. However, you can easily fix this problem. If your phone also gets hot in a matter of minutes, you can follow a few simple tips. However, it is considered normal for electronic devices to overheat. However, if the phone gets too hot, something is likely to go wrong.

Reduce brightness

To reduce the temperature of the phone, you first need to optimize the screen brightness. The smartphones currently on the market come with high brightness support. So keep the brightness low if not needed. This is because it warms up the phone faster and also drains the battery.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

Many in your phone Apps If so, your handset is likely to overheat. This is because these apps work in the background and also use the processor. So keep your phone’s background apps clean. Also, delete unnecessary apps from the phone.

Gaming Reduce

The use of phones for gaming has increased. Many play heavy games in mid-range and low budget smartphones. This causes the phone to overheat. Avoid playing heavy games for hours to avoid this. Also, avoid using the phone in places where there is no sunlight.

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Be careful when charging

Improperly charging the phone also gets hot. If your phone also gets hot while charging, you need to use a high-quality charger. Also, if the phone is not updated to the latest version, update now. Meanwhile, if the phone overheats, the battery may be damaged. You can also show the phone in the service center.


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