Monday, March 4, 2024

Is this what a UFO looks like, air hostess recorded video from a flying plane, created an uproar when it went viral

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Whenever we humans see something strange, we are surprised and the desire to know about it increases. There is a similar craze among people regarding UFOs. Whenever its video comes on the internet, it quickly becomes a topic of discussion among the people. Something similar is being discussed among people these days also. Which has surprised everyone. Actually, the plane of a Hungarian airline company was flying in the air, while the air hostess inside saw something outside the flying plane, which she assumed to be a UFO.

The woman immediately assumed it to be an alien ship. According to the report in the English website Daily Mail, 36 year old Denisa Tenasse Wiz Air saw a shining object in the sky during her work. Talking to the media, the woman said that when she was traveling from Luton in Poland to Szymany, she saw a strange thing in the sky which was glowing purple. When I looked at that thing carefully, I realized that its shape was also strange.

Watch the video here

Seeing the strange plane like this, my belief in aliens increased. I made a video of this scene and gave it to my pilot but he did not believe me. He said that at first he thought it was a reflection of his pink uniform, but as soon as he saw the thing moving in circles, he was surprised to see the scene because in reality the thing was flying brightly in the sky.

At present, 36-year-old Denisa Tanase, mother of two children, is very happy seeing this scene. He says that I am very lucky that I got to see this scene. Denisa showed the same video to her family also. To which he said that it must be the same alien.

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