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Is there life on Mars? Give the answer to NASA… you will get a reward of 23 lakhs

NASA is asking for your help. If you told that there is life on Mars. ever had. Or maybe sometime, then you will get 30 thousand dollars i.e. about 23 lakh rupees. So be it for this data analysis contest…

Is there life on Mars or not? The search for this thing is going on very vigorously for many years. Many countries and their scientists around the world are engaged in this work. But now the American space agency NASA has kept a competition for the common people. In which data analysis has to be done to tell whether there was life on Mars or not. will happen or not. Yes or No. If you are successful in this work. If NASA likes your technology, then you will get 30 thousand dollars i.e. about 23 lakh rupees.

Crowd sourcing platform HeroX is helping NASA organize this competition. The last date to participate in this contest is 18 April 2022. You can check your eligibility by clicking on this link . Also, you can see its complete information by visiting the HeroX Challenge page . 


The data of NASA's rover circling Mars will also have to be analysed.  (Photo: Getty)
The data of NASA’s rover circling Mars will also have to be analysed. (Photo: Getty)

The purpose of this competition is to develop a tool that can automatically analyze data from the spectrometers of NASA’s Perseverance and Curiosity rovers roaming on Mars. The spectrometers of both these rovers examine the rocks of Mars and the organic matter present inside them. Send their data down to earth. Now you have to create tools for the analysis of these data. 

It is believed and some such evidence has also been found that there was once life on Mars. There was also liquid water there. However, it cannot be said for sure about life. But to investigate this matter, rovers have been sent to Mars. Now NASA and the European Space Agency are going to jointly undertake a mission to bring samples from Mars. So that it can be analyzed on earth. The search for life or the evidence related to it can be investigated. 

NASA wants people from all over the world to participate in this competition. So that the best data analysts or intelligent people present in the world can help them to unlock the secret of life on Mars. To find out whether life is possible on Mars in the future as well. 

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