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Is the human brain really divided into specific areas?

However, research shows that the functional approach doesn’t really make sense. The fact is that in our brain the areas that allow us to perform certain functions are not separated from each other by clear boundaries. That is, the left hemisphere is not responsible for logic, and the right hemisphere is not responsible for creativity.

Today it is already known that not a single area of ​​the brain from the point of view of psychology is associated with only one function. Most neurons are responsible for several of these functions at once: for example, areas of the brain that are associated with the ability to see also transmit information related to touch and hearing.

In accordance with the data that neurons receive and transmit, the brain can be conditionally divided into separate regions. Then, for example, the anterior insular lobe will be responsible for the formation of emotions, the choice between several options, and many other functions.

It is also important to realize that how you split your brain apart depends on your goal. In addition, none of these methods will be completely true, since the brain itself is quite complex.

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