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Is the government giving money every month under the Ayush scheme? Know the truth of this viral message

PIB Fact Check of Ayush Yojana Viral Message: The scope of digitalization has increased rapidly in India. Along with this, the use of smartphones, internet, laptops etc. has also increased very fast. In such a situation, with the increasing use of the Internet, Fake News and Fraud have also increased very fast. Nowadays, many such claims are made on social media which are wrong and due to this many people become victims of fraud. In such a situation, it is very important to cross-check all the information related to any claim before completely believing it. Nowadays a claim is becoming very viral on social media that the government has run a scheme named Ayush Yojana. Through this scheme, the government will give a fixed amount to the people every month.

PIB gave information by tweeting-
PIB Fact Check has given information by tweeting on this matter that a post on social media is going viral very fast. It is being claimed in this post that the central government is running a scheme named ‘AYUSH Scheme’. Through this scheme, the government will give salary to the people every month. This includes salary up to Rs 78,856.

In its PIB fact check, the government has found that this viral claim is completely bogus. The government has not started any such scheme. The government is not going to give Rs 78,856 to any citizen under the Ayush scheme. In such a situation, do not believe in such a plan at all.

Cross check any information
Nowadays, in view of the increasing cases of cyber crime, the government continues to issue many types of advisories from time to time. The government has advised people many times to cross check any viral claim thoroughly before believing it. Along with this, your personal information such as Name, Aadhar Number, PAN Number and Bank Details such as Account Number, Credit / Debit Card Number, CVV Number, Pin Number (PIN Number) Do not share any kind of information at all. Sharing such information may result in voiding of your account.

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