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Is someone secretly taking advantage of your expensive Wi-Fi connection for free? Check it out and stay safe

In today’s time internet has become the need of everyone. With the advent of the pandemic, people are working from home and due to this the consumption of data has also increased. Be it handling office work from home, attending online classes or video calling with loved ones, all these tasks are impossible without the Internet. With many people still working from home due to Corona, the number of broadband connections and Wi-Fi routers has also increased rapidly.

People get broadband connection by paying more money so that they can get faster internet speed and more data. But what if you find out that someone is stealing your Wi-Fi connection? Obviously, just thinking about this makes me angry. No one would like to pay the bill and enjoy Wi-Fi by someone else. But if it is not secured properly, then anyone can easily use anyone’s Wi-Fi.

That should never happen to you, therefore, here we are telling you how to find out if someone is using your Wi-Fi without permission and the steps you need to take to secure it. Let’s start.

1. Slow Internet Connection
Is your Wi-Fi connection getting slow? Has the internet speed slowed down a lot since the last few days? While there are other reasons for a slow connection, such as server problems, network-disrupting walls and objects, or it is also possible that someone else might have gotten into your connection and used it covertly.

2. Intruder Detection from the List of Connected Devices
Every device that is or will be connected to your private network comes with a unique IP and MAC address (they may have names assigned by Honor) and through router settings These can be seen in the list of connected devices (clients). So, if you see some names on your network that you don’t recognize, it might be an intruder! However, even if you don’t see a name, you can still find out who the intruder is. You can find out by checking the number of the connected device and the one you don’t recognize.

Here are some ways to keep your Wi-Fi network secure:

1. Set a Long and Complicated WPA2 Password
WPA2 is an encryption protocol that stands for ‘Wi-Fi Protected Access’. WPA2 is newer and more secure than the old protocols like WPA, WEP etc. As a user, you just need to install WPA2 Security on the Wi-Fi router and protect it with a strong password. Needless to say, create a long and complex password that you can remember and that no one can guess.

2. Change router login details
Most Wi-Fi routers come with two of these IP addresses: or and can be accessed from any browser. Most router manufacturers use words like ‘root’ and ‘admin’ as login and password and once you log in, you have access to the router’s settings. Since logging in is so easy, given that the password is so simple, anyone can go into your router settings. To prevent this, replace the router’s login information with something other than ‘admin’.

3. Hiding the SSID of the
Router A more effective way of securing the network is to hide the SSID of the router. This ensures that it doesn’t show up as the only connectable network. You have to enter the address manually.

4. Using Internet Monitoring Software
There are some software like AirSnare that you can use that will alert you when an unknown device is detected on your network.

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