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Is it worth regretting that Renault Logan is no longer sold in Russia? In Germany, this budget sedan was called the most unreliable car

The German expert organization TUV has summed up the results of the 2021/2022 season. From July 2021 to June 2022, 9,600,000 cars visited inspection points throughout Germany, of which 69% passed the procedure without a single comment. 11% had minor defects, and 0.5% of the German car fleet was banned from the roads (they had completely worn out tires or leaky brake lines and the like).

According to the results of the checks, TUV technical experts recognized the Mercedes-Benz B-class as the most reliable car, with a serious defect rate of only 2.0% (that is, out of 100 tested cars, only two cars had malfunctions). The second and third places went to the Mercedes-Benz GLC crossover and the Volkswagen Golf Plus microvan (2.3%), which were only slightly behind the Audi Q3 and Volkswagen T-Roc SUVs (2.4%).

The anti-leader of the market turned out to be Dacia Logan, well known to Russians, which was sold on the Russian market under the Renault brand. Inspection failed 11.6% of sedans that came for inspection! Also, experts often “wrapped” related Dacia Dokker microvans (10.8%). The family models Volkswagen Sharan (9.4%) and Ford Galaxy (8.1%) closed the list of the most problematic models.

In general, the German vehicle inspection system is considered practically a reference. The car must pass several checks, as a result of which the inspector of an independent testing organization will stick a special sticker on the car number, confirming the vehicle’s serviceability. At the same time, if the expert finds any shortcomings, the car owner will have to eliminate them, and then go through the procedure again.

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