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Is it true that small amounts of alcohol are good for the mind?

In Thomas Winterberg’s film One More Each, four friends decide during the course of a working day to conduct an experiment to find out how alcohol will affect their professional activities. They work as teachers in a grammar school in Copenhagen. In addition, the reason for conducting such an experiment was the hypothesis of the Norwegian psychiatrist Finn Skorderuda: he claims that if there is 0.05% alcohol in the blood, this will allow a person to be more relaxed and reveal his creativity. However, in the end, one of the friends drinks too much and the experiment fails.

In fact, gender, body mass index, liver condition, alcohol content of the drink, the time during which everything is drunk affects the concentration of alcohol in the blood. Alcohol is excreted through breathing, urine, sweat, so maintaining a concentration of 0.05% during the day is, in principle, difficult. And even if this is achieved, then in any case you will have to drink more than recommended.

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