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Is it true that people in cities with dirty air are more depressed?

Experts examined 352 Beijing residents. Genetic factors were taken into account, influencing, against the background of living in a contaminated area, on the risk of developing depressive conditions. For each participant, their risk score for depression was calculated based on genotyping and exposure to air pollution during the 6 months prior to the experiment.

With the help of MRI, all participants were checked which parts of the brain were activated when passing special tests. At the same time, the participants were announced underestimated results in order to understand how they would react and what conditions would develop.

It turned out that the neural networks of most of the participants were destroyed due to genetics that influence the development of depression, and against the background of brain poisoning caused by polluted air. In addition, as it turned out, the genes responsible for depression, in parallel with it, affect inflammatory processes, which are intensified by living in a polluted area.

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