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Is it true that men are naturally smarter than women?

It is generally accepted that men are more socially successful than women. And that supposedly the cognitive abilities of women are lower compared to men, and that this is influenced by the size of the brain – in men it is larger. But scientists say that the mind does not depend on the size of the brain, but on the number of neurons, and this is not related to gender.

Analysis of studies has shown that in fact there is no difference between females and males. The bibliological characteristics were studied in 220 animal species, according to five individual traits: courage, aggression, activity, sociality and curiosity. Not a single significant biological difference between the sexes was found in any of the studied animal species. The differences were only in body morphology and immunity.

“Based on our data, if we assume that humans are like other animals, there is an equal chance that there will be as many high-performing women in this world as there are high-performing men. Based on this same logic, there is an equally high likelihood that the same number of men and women will have low achievement rates, ”said biologist and lead author of the study, Lauren Harrison.

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