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Is it possible to simultaneously get infected with “Omicron” and “Delta”

The chief medical officer of the American company Moderna, Paul Burton, at a meeting of the Science and Technology Committee of the UK House of Commons, warned that the Omicron and Delta strains would coexist, which could lead to the recombination of the virus and the emergence of more complex and dangerous mutations.

According to Burton, the number of hospitalizations due to Omicron is comparable to the impact of Delta. One way or another, any of the strains, especially if it is a new mutation, is dangerous primarily for people with weakened immunity.

“In the coming months, these two strains will coexist, and Omicron will begin to infect people against the backdrop of a very difficult situation with Delta. This can lead to situations where people are infected with two variants, which makes it possible for these viruses to further evolve and mutate. This situation raises concerns, ”Burton said.

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