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Is Dynamic Island more used in iPhone 14, should all phones have it?


dynamic island iPhone 14 Pro This debate has been going on between us ever since the cover broke and till now we have not been able to reach any solution. iphone 14 The Dynamic Island on the Pro model was fun enough to look at, but didn’t deliver all the functional advantages Apple promised. Apart from Apple’s own apps, Dynamic Island is mostly face id iconeither musical player shortcut Extend guideline was a big pill to show.

iOS 16.1 Since the release of the update, developers can now make use of the live tracking feature, and some apps have already started doing so. Largest app to use this facility in India Zomato Is.

Dynamic Island: A new kind of statusbar

dynamic island Largely considered a new notification bar-like element, it provides quick shortcuts to basic functions of apps. live tracking With function, this little tablet now everyday use I am very practical.

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Zomato You will get to see something interesting and new when you order anything from. Zomato On one side of the people will see a ticking timer; Tapping on them takes you to the tracking page. This time, a long tap opens the tracking widget, which also shows the food preparation status and delivery details.

What is the use of Dynamic Island in iPhone 14, let's know


Did it help?

meanwhile other apps When using dynamic island But the continuous timer kept telling how long it would take for the food to arrive. It was offering the same kind of satisfaction that you battery meter You know how long it’s going to take. There itself lock screen The widget is also helpful and this is when you switch off the Always On Display. Having this tracking widget sitting above app notifications is a huge relief.

This may all sound relevant but Zomato to order next android phone Using it seems incomplete. phone lock screen hanging timer and with tracking details android apps The floating window allows for a preview of the tracking page, but Dynamic Island’s executive removes most of the taps to get to this basic information. iPhone But it’s just there in front of you all the time, and activity finish goes away after being

Is Dynamic Island useful?

This pill cutout With apps adopting, I think all smartphones should have this dynamic island so that apps with live activity can easily be notified। iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max Present offer this luxury, it seems that it is more in the future iPhones Will be extended to.


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