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iRobot Roomba i3+ Review: Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Cleaning the House with No Hassle

iRobot Roomba i3 Plus Review: This company is especially known for robot vacuum cleaners. We have reviewed the iRobot Roomba i3 Plus and tell you how it performs.

Cleaning of the house is necessary and for this many methods are adopted. Generally, traditional methods are used in India for cleaning and mopping. The tradition of broom and mop is good, but if you do not hesitate to invest some money for cleaning the house, then the concept of robot vacuum cleaner is good for you. 

There are many robot vacuum cleaners in the market, out of which you can buy any if you want. Today we will talk about iRobot’s Roomba i3+ robot. It only does cleaning, the mopping feature is not given in it. 

After using iRobot Roomba for some time, how was our experience with it. To what level of cleaning can this robot do? What are its advantages and what are its drawbacks, you will be able to read everything in this review. 

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The iRobot Roomba i3+ comes in a round shape and is mostly made of plastic. Generally, most robot vacuum cleaners come in this shape and with a few changes, they look identical.

Clean, Home and Spot buttons are given at the top of the iRobot i3 Plus. The center button glows during cleaning, it glows white, while returning to the dock, it will show a blue glow, while it turns red during charging.

The Roomba i3+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner is very easy to setup. A charging dock is provided in the box along with the vacuum cleaner which is called Clean Base. You can place it near the socket where it will charge your robot vacuum cleaner. 

If there is WiFi in the house then you can connect it to WiFi. Place the dock where the WiFi signal strength is good. The Roomba app is easy to use, has a simple user interface. From here you can schedule the cleaning of the house. If you want to clean only one room, then you can also set this. An option has also been given here for cleaning the whole house. 

The daily schedule feature is great and this robot vacuum cleaner automatically cleans the house and connects to its charging station. 

Make sure nothing is in front of the charging base. Because in such a situation your robot vacuum cleaner can go astray and you may get into trouble. So keep the way clear. 

If the charging station isn’t plugged in, your robot vacuum cleaner won’t go there and dock itself. You will not be able to dock by yourself even by taking it. For this you have to turn it off. That is, you must have a dedicated socket for the charging base. 

How much cleaning can this iRobot i3 Plus do?

Two multi-surface rubber brushes are provided at the bottom of this robot vacuum cleaner. Apart from this, edge sweeping brush has also been given in it for cleaning the corners. In a place where it will not be fully adjusted, it comes out after cleaning it from the side. 

If you have a smart speaker at home, then you can also connect it through the app. Once connected, you can also clean your house with this robot vacuum cleaner through voice commands. 

The first time you use it, it is possible that you will be upset. Because things happen from place to place on the floor and it constantly collides with them. Although slowly it adjusts itself and after a few days it can be said that it learns. 

One of the problems people also have is that how much sound does the robot vacuum cleaner make. It doesn’t make much noise during cleaning, but when going to the charging base and transferring all the dust to the upper compartment, there is such a sound that will wake you up. Therefore, do not use its schedule cleaning feature at such a time when you are sleeping. 

The iRobot i3 Plus Vacuum Cleaner is excellent in terms of cleanliness. Although it is also a bit dumb, it had room to be an even smarter robot. Many times I have noticed that it tries to enter even in a small space and in this affair its suction opening is blocked by the cable, paper or plastic lying there.

After cleaning, it goes to its own charging base, itself transfers all the dust to the compartment above the charging base and the dust gets stored in a bag.

If you want, you can take it out and throw it. However, you will not need to remove it after every cleaning. If there is a small room, then you can comfortably run for at least 15 days in daily use, as much storage is there in it. 

After all, it’s a robot, so you can’t expect it to be like humans. That is, if the light goes out or if the charging station is removed from the socket, then it will not go there and place itself. In such a situation, you have to close it by using the button given above it. 

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There will also be a question in your mind that how many rooms can this robot vacuum cleaner clean? Small big room, drawing room, hall, gallery if everything is connected then it will cover the whole area at once. 

For the first time, it prepares a map at every location, if you want, you can guide it by staying with it in the beginning. However, during cleaning, do not try to pick it up and keep it in another room or move it by yourself during cleaning. 

In such a situation, it can lose its way to its charging station. This is not a vacuum cleaner for wet surfaces, as it does not have a mopping feature, so keep in mind that it should not go on wet surfaces, otherwise problems can occur. The bottom and brush of this robot vacuum cleaner will have to be cleaned from time to time. 

Roomba iRobot i3+: Bottom Line 

Overall, this robot vacuum cleaner does its job accurately. Let me remind once again that this will only clean, you will have to do the mopping yourself. Or you will have to buy its advanced version which is more expensive than this. There are many such vacuum cleaners in the market which are also available at lesser prices. But this vacuum cleaner meets almost every parameter and it is powerful. 


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