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iPhone users should not do this mistake even by mistake, the company will have to pay Rs 4500

iPhone users have to take care of many things. Due to your one mistake, there can be a huge loss. This is the reason that you should not make any mistakes even by mistake. Many users have made such a mistake and after that they had to pay Rs 4500. Now you must be thinking that after doing this, you are going to suffer a huge loss, so let us tell you about this loss with tips – You have to be very careful about the battery of the iPhone. If you keep the phone on high charge, then the battery of the phone can also be dead. In this case, you have to decide the time to charge the phone. Many times it is seen that people put the phone on charge at night. Due to this, there can be many types of faults in the phone and it may take you a lot of money to get the phone repaired.

You may have to pay a lot of money even in case of bad battery of iPhone. Usually, if your iPhone’s battery gets dead, then at least Rs 4500 has to be paid. That’s why you have to make a lot of improvements to the iPhone. iPhone had also given the option of Battery Health some time ago. With its help, you can get information about the battery of the phone.


In the event of Battery Health Down, the iPhone automatically starts giving Indication. In such a situation, you have to change it in time. Work is being done on behalf of the company. Due to the continuous complaints, the iPhone had given this option. If you also want to check the battery health of your iPhone, then first you have to go to Settings and then go to Battery Health in Battery.


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