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iPhone Users: Heavy! IPhone can be used even in the rain, underwater typing can also be done, see details

New Delhi: iPhone Underwater: Good news for iPhone users and those looking to buy an iPhone. Apple has obtained a patent. Which suggests, the iPhone can be used even in the rain. Although all recent iPhone models have a Water Resistant Build, it is difficult to use an iPhone in the rain. Water droplets on the display make it difficult for users to type messages. As such, Apple appears to be planning to fix a number of issues by introducing weight mode. The patent, approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, suggests that Apple will use inbuilt pressure and humidity sensors to detect water. Which can adjust the software.

The software can change the on-screen buttons in case of a little rain to reduce the chances of receiving accidental touch input. This will help prevent false inputs being recorded by raindrops. Apple devices may include a weight detector. Which is able to detect the humidity on the protective cover, where when the humidity exceeds the threshold, it determines the position of the touch event based on the detection signal provided by the processor.

Underwater mode can be used to take photos and record videos when the iPhone is submerged. In addition to a detailed description of the patent update, the list on the USPTO website includes some pictures. Which indicate how the improvements will work.
Apple has not yet officially marketed its iPhone models for underwater photography. Water damage is also not yet covered under warranty. But, trusting the details of filing a patent, some changes can happen. Notably, Apple filed a patent in March 2021 to develop a rain-powered iPhone.

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