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iPhone users have fun! Apple is offering Free Video Editing Software, use this way

New Delhi. There have been many instances where multiple videos have been recorded on the iPhone. If you have also ever done this, then you must have wanted to merge all those videos. But maybe you don’t know how. The camera app on iPhones doesn’t have a pause button, and so videos are recorded in small chunks. Now if you are making a creative Instagram reel or Youtube shorts video then today’s article is very important for you.

You have recorded some videos and want to merge them into one video on your iPhone itself. There’s an easy way to do this. If you are thinking that this method is a photo app then it is not. However, Apple’s Photos app comes with a lot of features. But it does not have a feature that merges two or more videos. In such a situation, we will do this through another app. It is also not a third-party app. We are telling you how to do this with Apple’s iMovie app.

We can use iMovie on iPhone to merge two or more videos into one video. Let’s know how-

How to merge two or more videos on iPhone

step 1: First, open the App Store on your iPhone and install the iMovie app.

Step 2: Now, open the iMovie app and click on the (+) icon to create a project.

Step 3: Under ‘New Project’, tap on the movie.

Step 4: The app will now allow you to select a video from the Photos app. Select ‘All’ to see all your videos.

Step 5: Tap on the video and add it to the iMovie app.

Step 6: Similarly, add another video to the iMovie app.

Step 7: Once you open the two videos, tap on the Create Movie option at the bottom.

Step 8: Then tap on Done.

Step 9: Tap the Share button at the bottom, and tap Save Video in the pop-up that pops up.

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