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iPhone users don’t know these secret tips, WhatsApp video calls will become fun

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iPhone people don’t know this secret, will enjoy in WhatsApp video call

If you are an iPhone user then you should know this feature of WhatsApp, after using this feature you will enjoy video calls. Today we will tell you about some such features of iPhone which will give an amazing experience in video calling with your partner. You can show your feeling through stickers reactions like hearts, balloons and rain. Read the complete process about how you can use this feature here.

WhatsApp video call in iPhone

  • Gesture Reaction is a new feature in WhatsApp video calls that lets you send fun and animated stickers during a call. You do not need any third-party app to use it.
  • For this you just have to start a video call on WhatsApp, the option of Reaction will be shown in the video menu. After clicking on this option, turn on the feature.
  • Many options are shown for Gesture Reaction, from these you can select the reaction of your choice.
  • Now click on the Jester Reaction here or drag and drop it on the screen. You will have to hold your reaction until it is shown to you on the screen.

Different options of jester reaction

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Heart, Clapping Hands, Waving Hand, Laughing Face, Crying Face, Angry Face, Surprised Face, Confused Face. In this you have to perform actions using only your hands. You will have to hold your action until the 3D or animated sticker appears on the screen.

Note that only iPhone users will get the benefit of this feature. You can use it only during WhatsApp video call. These reactions are shown on the screen only for a few seconds.

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