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iPhone Users Alert! Before updating the phone, read this news, will not regret it

If you’re thinking of updating your iPhone too, stop! Apple recently released iOS 15.4 update. The most important feature of this update is that you will be able to unlock the phone through Face ID even by wearing a mask. Apart from this, some new features have also been added. But with the new features many users are also facing big problems. 

Some iPhone users, who have already downloaded the update, have complained of poor battery life. People are saying that the new iOS update has reduced the battery life of their iPhones to some extent. This problem is coming more in older models like iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11 and even iPhone 7. The company has not yet commented on the issue. 

Problems with Siri too
One user wrote, “Any other iPhone users are also experiencing battery drain faster than usual after updating to ios 15.4??” Apart from battery life, many users are also facing Siri voice issues after downloading the update. One user wrote, “Somebody help, did Siri stop responding by saying “Hmm?” when I said “Hey Siri” due to the new update?


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New features of iOS 15.4

Through the new update, many new features have been added to the iPhone like Universal Control, Face ID with Mask, new emoji, and Siri’s voice. The Universal Controls feature lets you drag and drop files between iPad and Mac as well as share keyboard and mouse between them wirelessly. Now in iPhone you will get emoji like melting face, saluting face, biting lip, jar, beans, x-ray, bubbles. 



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