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iPhone “turned” into an Apple iBook G3 laptop with the help of an appropriate accessory

TikTok user @skipperfilms is among those who don’t mind resurrecting some of Apple’s nostalgic designs in modern technology. He previously became famous for creating iPad cases that look like the iBook G3, but now he’s turning his attention to the iPhone.

Short video on TikTok shows how this person created an iPhone case that “turns” a smartphone into an Apple iBook G3 laptop. The cover is made in the form of a white-green iBook G3 with a handle.

Inside there is a place that houses the iPhone. To prevent the smartphone from falling out of the case, there is a small magnet inside, which works on the principle of MagSafe accessories. The case also has space for a Bluetooth keyboard.

The two parts are fastened with small metal loops. It is not yet clear whether such an accessory will be sold.

It’s worth noting that these iPad cases are handcrafted in very limited quantities and sell for $1,000.

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