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iPhone Shortcuts: This app present in iPhone is amazing, it will do every work like magic.

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Many tasks will be done automatically with iPhone Shortcut.Image Credit source: Apple/Freepik

The iPhone Shortcuts app is a powerful tool that allows your iPhone to perform a variety of tasks automatically. With this you can use different apps and services automatically. This saves both your time and effort. From sending messages automatically to turning on Wi-Fi, playing your favorite music playlist, you can easily do tasks with the Shortcut app.

You can do this work with shortcut app

You can create a shortcut to make starting your day easier. Just one tap and the shortcut will do things for you like reading news from your favorite news app, receiving notifications for the next event from the calendar and playing songs from your favorite music app.

You can also create a shortcut to show creativity. These iPhone But it helps in creating slide shows from photos, making videos with favorite music or sending personal messages to friends.

Professional life can also be made easier with the help of shortcuts. With its help, you can do things like automatically categorize emails, track titles or projects, or receive notifications to remind you to complete a task.

You can create shortcuts that automatically activate to alert you when your iPhone locks or connects to an unknown device.

Create your own shortcuts

The Shortcuts app includes many built-in shortcuts, but you can also create new shortcuts yourself. To create a shortcut, open the Shortcuts app and tap on the ‘New Shortcut’ option. You can then add the tasks you want to do automatically.

Shortcut Gallery: Work will be easy here

To get the most out of the iPhone, the Shortcuts app can be used. When you open this app, you will get Shortcut Gallery. Here you will find many types of pre-made shortcuts. You can activate these for your iPhone.

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