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iPhone SE (2022) disassembled and compared with its predecessor

The blogger of the YouTube channel PBKReviews was one of the first to conduct an “autopsy” of the new Apple to assess its maintainability. At the same time, he compared the internal design of the smartphone with the 2020 model. It turned out that they do not have much in common, despite the identical case design.


One of the main differences between the devices was the battery capacity. The new iPhone SE is equipped with a 2018 mAh battery versus 1821 mAh for its predecessor. In addition, due to the new connector, replacing the battery with an analog from the old model will not work. The same applies to the display – the “donor” module from SE 2020 cannot be connected to the new product due to a different mounting configuration. With a manual connection to the cable, the screen displayed a picture, but the touchscreen did not work.

The author of the video also noted that although the construction of the iPhone SE (2022) almost does not use glue, it is very difficult to disassemble the gadget due to the huge number of screw connections. He also failed to remove the battery without using a solvent, although the company provided special tabs for this. According to the blogger, the maintainability of the smartphone is 5.5 points out of 10 possible.

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