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iPhone is switched off after theft, even then you will be able to track it, know this trick

iPhone Tracking Tips: If the phone is lost, locked and switched off after theft, the phone can still be tracked.

new Delhi. If it is seen that people lose their expensive phone. The same theft immediately switches off or locks the stolen phone, so that you cannot access the stolen phone. If the stolen phone is not recovered even after complaining to the police, then the question arises as to how the stolen phone will be recovered. However, if such an incident happens to you too, then there is no need to panic, because today we will tell you how to find a switched off and locked smartphone tracker? Let’s know…

You will be able to return such a lost smartphone

# If you want the stolen phone to be tracked, then you have to take care of some special things.
# First put the iPhone in Airplane mode. After this your phone network will be disconnected.
# After this, go to the Settings option and turn off the Control Panel and USB Settings app settings.
# After this, you have to go to Find my iPhone option.
# Here you have to click on Find my Network and Send Last Location option. In this way, the emergency option is activated in the phone, due to which the exact location of the lost # iPhone can be detected.
# After this, if the phone is switched off or locked, then the smartphone can be tracked even at that time.

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Note – Please tell that this setting is only for iPhone. But if your phone is Android, then you have to turn on Google’s Find my Phone feature. Many of the same Find my phone apps are available on the Google Play Store. Due to which the lost buried phone can be tracked. Not only this, a special type of app has been designed by the government to return the lost phone.



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