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iPhone Hacks: This Trick Will Increase Your iPhone’s Battery Life In The Blink

iPhone Battery Life can be Increased by these Hacks: In today’s time there are many smartphone maker brands working in the market. But still, if we talk about top companies, then the name of Apple will definitely be taken and probably will be taken first. Although all kinds of features have been provided in Apple’s flagship smartphones, iPhones, but most of the users complain that the battery life of the phone is very less. In a tech video, a formula has been given to increase the battery life of the iPhone, which is becoming quite viral. Let’s see how you too can increase the battery life of your iPhone with this trick.

Trick to Extend iPhone Battery Life

A TikToker from abroad, whose app handle is @kaansanity, keeps on sharing many unique smartphone and tech tricks from time to time which are seen and liked by many. He took out a video that has become his favorite video of the people. In this video, he has told the trick to increase the battery life of iPhone. In this video, Tiktoker has shared step by step instructions, by following which you can use your phone for a long time without charging.

Follow these steps to increase battery life 

According to the video, you have to first unlock your iPhone and go to the phone’s settings. In the settings, you have to turn off ‘Background App Refresh’ by clicking on the option ‘General’. After that, you will have to go to the main page of the settings again.

Here on the main page, you will see the option of ‘Accessibility’. Click on this option, then select ‘Motion’ and turn on ‘Reduce motion’ option in it. In the same column as ‘Motion’, you will see two more options named ‘Auto-play message effects’ and ‘Auto-play video previews’. Turn these two off.

then do this

After this, open the main settings page, click on ‘Privacy’, then select ‘Location Services’ and then scroll down to the bottom, you will see the option of ‘System Services’. In ‘System Services’ you have to turn off the option ‘Location-based Apple Ads’. In this, you will see the options of ‘iPhone Analytics’, ‘Routing and Traffic’ and ‘Improve Maps’ at the bottom, turn them off too. In this way, by making a few changes to your phone’s settings, you will be able to extend the battery life of your iPhone easily.

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