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iPhone battery tips: Extend Your iPhone Battery Life full the Day

If you want your Apple iPhone’s battery to last throughout the day, you need to pay special attention to a few things. These are some secret tips shared by Apple themselves.


  • Keeping your iPhone updated with the latest software helps prevent quick battery drainage.
  • Activating Low Power Mode on your iPhone can extend its battery life.
  • Adjusting your screen brightness and keeping it dim can help conserve battery power.

Having no battery on your phone can bring everything to a halt. It’s often observed that iPhone batteries drain faster compared to Android devices, leaving iPhone users worried about how to sustain battery life throughout the day. Fortunately, Apple provides some easy-to-follow tips to save iPhone battery.

Latest Software: If you’re experiencing fast battery drain on your iPhone, it might be because your phone isn’t updated with the latest software. Keeping your phone updated is crucial for optimal performance. Simply go to Settings > General > Software Update to ensure your phone is up-to-date.

Optimize Settings: There are two simple ways to conserve battery life. Apple recommends adjusting your screen brightness and keeping it dim. Additionally, when using the internet, opt for Wi-Fi over cellular data as Wi-Fi consumes less power.

Low Power Mode: Introduced with iOS 9, Low Power Mode is a feature that extends iPhone battery life. Your iPhone prompts you to activate Low Power Mode when your battery level drops to 20% and then 10%, allowing you to enable it with a single tap.

With iOS, you can easily monitor battery usage by each app, enabling you to manage your device’s battery life efficiently.

USB Charging: When charging your iOS device via USB, ensure your computer is plugged in and turned on. Charging from a computer that is turned off or in sleep mode may result in faster battery drainage.


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