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iPhone battery drains quickly, then follow these tips, the battery will last for many hours

The latest iPhones come with a lot of features. This includes specifications such as 120Hz promotion display or 5G support. However, it causes the problem of rapid battery drain. Then there are many apps that can unnecessarily drain your iPhone battery. For example, the latest iPhone 13 Pro requires frequent battery charging.

However, there are several ways to improve the performance of your iPhone’s battery. By reviewing some of your iPhone’s settings, battery life can be extended and then there will be no need to charge again and again. So if you are also an iPhone user and your phone battery drains quickly, then we have shared some tips here with the help of which you can increase the battery life of your iPhone.

iPhone battery drains quickly, so follow these tips

turn on auto brightness on your iphone

When the brightness of your iPhone is high, then it starts draining the battery faster. The brighter your phone screen, the faster your iPhone’s battery will drain. So you can turn on Apple’s auto-brightness feature so that the display brightness is automatically set according to the ambient lighting. This will extend the battery life of the iPhone to a great extent.

turn on low power mode

Turning on Low Power Mode is one of the most effective ways to extend battery life. This feature suspends mail fetch, background app refresh, auto download, etc. with a single button. You can turn on Low Power Mode in the Settings tab. Go to Control Center in the Settings tab, then Customize Controls, and tap the + icon next to Low Power Mode.

turn off battery-draining apps

iPhone has many built-in apps that drain the battery fast. You can close or remove such apps by making some changes in the settings. Go to Settings, go to Battery and tap on ‘Last 10 days’ option. It will display your battery usage by various apps. You can also delete some apps that are not useful to you and prevent iPhone battery from draining fast.

Avoid Using iPhone While Charging

We don’t mind using the iPhone while it’s connected to the charger. However, this can be extremely damaging to its battery. This can not only reduce battery life but also interrupt the charge cycle. Therefore, avoid using the iPhone while it is plugged in charging. This will not only reduce iPhone battery drain but also increase its longevity.

Auto Close Safari Tabs

Another way to increase battery performance is to enable Safari tab auto-close. When enabled, users will not need to close tabs manually from within the app, and hence, will make your iPhone battery last longer. To enable this feature, open your iPhone’s Settings app and tap Safari. Scroll down and tap Close Tab and select Time Limit.

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