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iPhone battery drains quickly? Follow these tips to save it in iOS 16


Apple device users save battery by updating iPhone to iOS 16.
To increase battery backup, keep WiFi hotspot and background apps off.
Avoid keeping all tabs on Siri. Cut it if not needed.

new Delhi: After the iOS 16 update in Apple devices, many people are worried about battery backup. Most people take the charger with them anywhere to charge it. Are you also an iPhone user and want to increase battery backup? For this, by making some changes in the setting, it can get rid of the problem of discharge. Not only this, you can also uninstall unnecessary apps.

Many times people remove the running apps in the background, but forget to refresh it. Follow these steps to increase battery backup in iOS 16.

Turn off Raise to wake
Due to the Raise to wake feature in iPhone, there is also a decrease in battery backup. You can save battery by turning it off forever. After turning it off, you can turn on the display by double clicking on the smart phone screen. To always turn it off, go to the iPhone’s settings and click on display and brightness. After this disable Raise to wake.

How to turn off Haptic feedback
Apart from vibrating while typing in the iPhone, there can also be a problem of battery discharge due to different sounds. To turn it off, click on the top of the smartphone’s settings. Turn off both keyboard haptics sound and vibration by clicking on Sounds and haptics.

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Background app refresh set to WiFi
You can increase battery backup by refreshing the background running app in iPhone. Apart from this, the apps which are not used can also be disabled from the background running app. It is very easy to save battery as well as internet data by setting it over WiFi. For this, go to the Settings of the iPhone and click on the General Settings. Select WiFi by clicking on Background App Refresh.

keep all apps updated
Apart from improving battery backup by keeping all the apps updated at all times in the iPhone, you can also keep the data safe. For this, open the App Store and update all the apps. With this, you will also get to see many updated features. Most of the people do not want to update the app to save internet data. This can also cause heavy losses.


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