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iPhone 16 Pro, iPhone 16 Pro Max will have the largest display ever

iPhone fans are curious about what will be available in iPhone 15. Many people are curious to know what new technology will be in the phone. So far, many leaks have surfaced from the iPhone 15. But, it is still not clear what exactly will be available in the phone. Along with iPhone 15, information about iPhone 16 is also coming out. This phone will be launched next year. But, one such report has come out. Many updates have come out regarding the iPhone 16 series. Know the details.

According to a report by MacRumors, Apple analyst Ross Young made this claim. The company may come up with a bigger phone next year. The company has been gradually increasing the size of its phones since 2011. iPhone 4S had a 3.5 inch display. Today, iPhone 14 Pro Max has a 6.7-inch display. There is a big difference between the two display sizes.

Young claims that Apple could come out with a phone with a larger screen size next year. It may come with iPhone 16 Pro 6.3-inch and iPhone 16 Pro Max 6.9-inch. The screen size of the standard models will remain the same. Its final specifications may be revealed on May 23 at the Display Week conference in Los Angeles.

iPhone 16: Apple may not remove solid buttons in 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max models. Additionally, according to an earlier report, the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro Max could come with a faster processor and massive camera improvements. An Ultra phone can stand out from the rest. The report also revealed that the iPhone 16 Ultra may come with a USB Type C port. The company may not provide a USB Type-C port. Like the Apple Watch Ultra, the iPhone 16 Ultra could also be Apple’s most high-end iPhone. Which will get the best features. It will be priced accordingly.


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