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iPhone 14’s crash detection feature saved a woman’s life, know how?

Apple launched the iPhone 14 series in early September, a major feature of which is ‘crash detection’. This feature detects serious accidents and issues SoS alerts to ensure the safety of its users. The company had released this feature for security and a latest incident that came to light shows that this feature has also done its job well.

A user named ‘u/unclescorpion’ on Reddit Informed is that Apple iPhone 14 The crash detection feature alerted his wife about the accident, allowing him to rush to the scene before paramedics arrived.

The man said in his post that he was talking on the phone with his wife when he heard her scream. within seconds, crash detection feature alerted the husband after his wife met with an accident. This feature of iPhone 14 series Helped the man to reach the exact location of the accident and had a chance to provide immediate help before the ambulance arrived.

He further said that the cause of the incident was a vehicle driver crossing the centerline and hitting his wife’s car head-on. He also confirmed that both his wife and the other driver were fine. Witnesses asked his wife for his number, but being in shock, she was unable to tell people the phone number.

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The post read, “I [घटना के बारे में] knew only because his [पत्नी] The Apple device told me and I was there for her when she got into the ambulance. If he didn’t have his iPhone, I would never know and would be left wondering what happened and worrying. Words cannot express my appreciation for that crash detection feature.

According to Apple, crash detection allows the phone to detect serious car accidents and automatically begin dialing emergency services, notifying users’ emergency contacts. This feature works during front-impact, side-impact, rear impact and rollover of the vehicle.


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