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iPhone 13 Pro Max: The stock of iPhone is filled in only 14000, people do not know yet!

Apple iPhone:  Nowadays, iPhone is being used a lot as a status symbol, but people no longer want to spend money for it and for this people have come up with such a trick, after knowing that your head will also be dizzy.

iPhone 13 Pro Max:  As soon as a new model of iPhone comes in the market, there is a panic among people to buy it, but despite the availability of stock, many times people are unable to buy them due to the price and similar people For Facebook Marketplace works like heaven. You might have an idea of ​​why we are saying this, but if you are not able to understand our point, then let us tell you that iPhone 13 pro max is available on Facebook at a very affordable price. Today we are going to tell you how much it costs and why it is so cheap.

Because of this the iPhone 13 Pro Max is cheap

Let us tell you that local sellers are selling the iPhone 13 Pro Max on Facebook Marketplace and there is a big reason behind doing so. Actually these are not real models but are first copy or which are also called Fake iPhone. It looks like the real iPhone up to 80 percent, but where it comes to its features, it remains far behind.

Let us tell you that the price of the currently available iPhone 13 Pro Max ranges from about ₹ 14000 to ₹ 20000 on the Facebook Marketplace. People use them as a status symbol and love to flaunt it in front of their friends and colleagues. There is no competition with the similar model of the original iPhone, but still they look very similar in appearance.


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