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IPhone 13 by far outperforms any other iPhone in terms of retaining residual value

According to a SellCell study, two months after the iPhone 13 was released, the price drop was at a record low. SellCell’s research is based on data from 45 vendors who confirmed the iPhone 13’s iPhone 13 retained value in the first two months was the highest of any iPhone.

IPhone 13 smartphones fell by an average of 24.9% a month after they hit the market, and two months later, the average price dropped by about 25.5%. Interestingly, some iPhone 13 models even increased residual values ​​between the end of the first month and the end of the second.

So, for example, the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1 TB of flash memory recovered 1.4% of the cost, the model with 512 GB flash memory recovered 1.7% of the cost, and the younger version, which is equipped with 128 GB of non-volatile memory, recovered 1. 8% of the cost.

The Phone 13 Pro performed even better, with the 128GB flash model recovering 2% of its residual value, and the 256GB model recovering 4.6% of its residual value.


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