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iPhone 11 robbed! 44 thousand model available for just Rs 20,499, broken customers

iPhone Discount: There is a good opportunity for the customers who want to buy iPhone 11 because now they can buy it at a lower price than any Android smartphone.

Flipkart Discount:  Flipkart is giving such a huge discount on Apple iPhone 11 that you cannot even imagine. Actually, even after the festive season is over, the customers who buy iPhone on Flipkart are being given a gift and this gift is of discount. If you also want to buy this model of Apple, then now is a golden opportunity for you and you can save thousands of rupees. If you are going to buy iphone11, then we are going to tell you about the huge discount you will get on it.

How much is the discount and what is the offer

If we talk about the discount, then on the purchase of iPhone 11, customers are already being given a strong discount of 13% on the listed price because its original price is ₹ 43900, while after the discount it is being given to the customers for ₹ 37999. But if a customer buys an iPhone 11, then he does not need to ask for a discount and it is already offered by the company. Although this price is also not fitting in your budget, then there is no need to worry because the offer is still pending. Let us tell you that there is another strong offer which will be liked by the customers.

Customers can also take advantage of exchange bonus

Let us tell you that on the listed price of ₹ 37999, customers are also being given an exchange bonus of ₹ 17500 and if this exchange bonus is received in full, then customers can buy this phone for just ₹ 20499.

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