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iOS and Android compared in terms of efficiency and security

In terms of RAM, iOS devices need less RAM to efficiently handle user tasks. When the user stops the application, the system turns it off completely, without leaving it running in the background, and when it restarts, the application starts from the same place where it was stopped. This requires less memory.

In contrast, Android applications require the same amount of memory for both active and background operation. Hence the large amounts of RAM.

The same is true for users receiving notifications from programs. In Android, they are transmitted directly from applications, and in iOS, they are transmitted via Apple servers. It also affects the amount of memory required.

In addition, it is noted that applications on Google Play are not subject to the same strict control as in the App Store, so it is more likely that various viruses will be installed on Android devices. This can manifest itself in their arbitrary connection to the camera, microphone and other equipment of smartphones. On iOS, any application action must be allowed by the user.

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