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iOS 16 brings iconic wallpapers from 2007 presentation

In 2007, at the presentation of Apple during the announcement of the first iPhone, they showed a wallpaper with clown fish. And now, in the beta version of iOS 16, there is a version for modern smartphones. It was discovered by users in the “Collections” section.

Although this image was shown at the presentation of the company’s first smartphone, over the past years it has not been included in the list of official wallpapers for the iPhone, although it was available on macOS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

It is not yet known whether the image will remain in the release version of the mobile OS or whether it will be deleted there. This will be known after the release of iOS 16 in September 2022.

As for the innovations in iOS 16, it is expected there, among other things, Lockdown Mode. This mode will protect smartphone from targeted digital attacks and will be relevant for politicians, journalists, activists and so on.

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