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Investors Wealth: The wealth of investors increased by Rs 39 lakh crore when the stock market returned

Share Market Investors: The Indian stock market saw a great rise due to the reduction in inflation rate in America, excellent quarterly results of companies and foreign investors buying. After which the Indian stock market is trading at the highest level of four months. After this boom in the stock market, there has been a jump of 39 lakh crores in the wealth of investors in the last one and a half months.

Investors’ wealth increased by Rs 39 lakh
Due to the return of foreign investors to the Indian market again, the sentiment in the market has changed, so there has been a tremendous increase in the wealth of the investors. The market capitalization of the shares listed on the BSE Stock Exchange as on June 20, 2022 was Rs 234.86 lakh crore. In which there has been a jump of Rs 39 lakh crore. BSE market capitalization has increased to Rs 274.13 lakh crore. In August alone, the wealth of investors has increased by Rs 7.5 lakh crore.

Market happy due to reduction in inflation rate in America
In fact, there was a tremendous increase in inflation due to the rise in the prices of other commodities including crude oil. Due to which central banks from all over the world have had to raise interest rates. Whose stock market had seen a big fall. But after the fall in commodity prices, the stock market showed recovery and investors have benefited tremendously from it. However, the market is also breathing a sigh of relief from the bass that the inflation rate in the US has come down from 9.1 per cent to 8.5 per cent. Whose costly debt can be curbed. Due to all these reasons, shopping is being seen in the stock market.

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