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Investment Tips: Invest your retirement money like this, you will get tremendous returns

Retirement Investment Plan: Every person has to take special care about his retirement. Everyone tries to build enough corpus for post-retirement expenses. Correct allocation of the amount of funds created for retirement is necessary now. Retirement portfolio should be made very carefully. You can take the services of a financial advisor for fund allocation. By assessing you Financial Advisor can help you to invest money at the right place.

Understand portfolio like this
Vishal Dhawan, Founder, Plan Ahead Wealth Advisors says that the retirement portfolio should be built very carefully. He says that if someone has Rs 5 crore in Retirement Fund. If he has invested Rs 15 lakh in Senior Citizen Savings Scheme.

Short Term Mutual Funds
2 crores are kept in Short Term Mutual Funds. Similarly, Rs 1 crore is kept in floating funds and Rs 50 lakh is kept in Balanced Advantage Fund and Rs 25 lakh is kept in Overseas Mutual Fund. He has also invested Rs 25-25 lakh in Conservative and Hybrid Funds. If you have invested 25-25 lakh rupees in this Savings Account and Fixed Deposit also, then this is a good fund allocation.

change is needed
Just a little change is needed in this portfolio. There is a need to exit from the liquid fund here because the investment in FD and savings is enough for emergency. Here investors can invest in medium term debt funds with good credit quality. Explain that one should also withdraw money from Conservative Hybrid Fund and invest in a combination of Short Term Fund and Index Fund. Doing this will help in reducing the portfolio cost.

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