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Investment: The family does not have information about the investment of the deceased, then how to get the lost money?

Investment Tips: In today’s era, there are different mediums to invest. People are investing in the stock market to earn quick money. However, investing in the stock market is also very risky. At the same time, there are many safe investment options, which include FD, RD, Gold etc. But whatever the medium of investment, people invest their capital only to get good returns. 

Must give information

Although many times such people have also been seen in which the head of the family dies, but the family members do not know about the investment of the deceased member. In such a situation, Abhay Chandalia, chairman of Share Samadhan Limited, says that to avoid any such situation, it is necessary that every person must inform his family members about his investment.

save the information

Abhay Chandalia says that people should save their every investment somewhere. It is better if it is in digital format. Even if you can save it on your mail or you can also save it on any other digital platform. The advantage of saving on a digital platform is that digital assets will not be damaged in any kind of natural calamity, provided that digital account is not hacked. You can also save it in excel format. In such a situation, after death, your family can access that information.

How to get unclaimed investment

On the other hand, if someone has died but he has not given the information of his investment to his family and has not saved it anywhere, then Abhay Chandalia said that such family members should get information about their investment in the house. Keep their documents checked. Apart from this, their bank statements should be checked to see where they have spent money. Apart from this, information about many transactions can also be obtained from their PAN card. Under this, family members can take steps towards claiming unclaimed investment.

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