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Inverter LED Bulb: This inverter bulb will burn for 4 hours after power outage, just put it in the holder and forget it

LED Bulb: There are many brands of LED bulbs available in India, but to compete with them, now inverter LED bulbs have come in the market, which are even ahead of them and knowing its specialty, you will want to buy them immediately.

Inverter LED Bulb available at Amazon: If you use normal LED bulb in your home till now, now a strong option of LED bulb has come in the market. Let us tell you that this is an Inverter LED Bulb which is very trending in the market and people are now buying it a lot. Apart from being economical, they are also very powerful. Today we are going to tell you about its specialty and its price, due to which customers are liking it a lot.

How is it different from the common LED bulb? 

The bulb we are talking about is Halonix Prime 12W B22 Inverter rechargebale Emergency led Bulb which is available on Amazon. If we talk about its specialty, then the inverter bulb is different from the normal LED bulb because once the power is cut, the normal LED bulb stops working and turns off, but this is not the case with the inverter LED bulb. Actually Inverter LED Bulb does not turn off as soon as the power goes out, but keeps on giving light. This does not happen for a few minutes, rather this bulb keeps on giving light continuously for about 4 hours after the power goes out and does not turn off. This can be especially useful in such areas where the problem of frequent power cuts persists. Because of its specialty, this bulb is liked the most.

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What technology does this bulb use 

If we talk about technology, then this Halonix 12Watt bulb is rechargeable. Inside it is a lithium-ion battery that charges while it is in the holder. In such a situation, when the power goes out, this bulb lasts for 4 hours with the help of this battery. It takes 8 to 10 hours to charge the battery of this bulb. You do not need to do anything separately to charge it. It charges automatically while it is on. It can be used at home as well as in your shop, hospital or many other important places and it is very useful during emergency. Talking about the price, customers can easily purchase it for Rs 569.


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