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Inverter battery may explode, do not make these mistakes


Blast in inverter battery

Use of inverter has now become common in every home. Especially during summer, it becomes necessary to have power backup. But some carelessness in the case of inverter can cause huge losses. Many such cases have been heard when the inverter exploded and people nearby got injured. Although incidents of explosion in inverter batteries are rare, they can happen if proper care and safety measures are not followed.

Let us know what is the correct way to use the inverter and what are the mistakes which you should avoid at all costs, so that incidents like blast in the inverter can be avoided.

overcharging of inverter

Charging the inverter battery beyond the prescribed time can be dangerous. To prevent this, always follow the battery manufacturer’s charging instructions and use a good charge controller.

Low water level of liquid battery

If your battery runs on water, check the water level regularly and make sure it is sufficient. Low water levels can leave the battery plates exposed, causing heat inside the battery and a risk of blast.

Storing batteries in high temperatures

Do not expose the battery to excessive heat or direct sunlight. High temperatures can overheat the battery and cause an explosion.

Negligence in cleaning the battery

Accumulation of rust or dirt on the battery terminals can cause a short circuit in the battery. Therefore, keep cleaning the battery from time to time and apply petroleum jelly or any other lubricant on the terminals.

leaving the battery in an unsafe place

Always keep the battery in a ventilated area. If the battery releases gas and this gas accumulates in an enclosed space, it can be explosive. Apart from this, wrong wiring can also be dangerous for the battery. Take care of correct polarity and use only good quality cables.

not following instructions

Follow all instructions given by the battery manufacturer. This will tell you how to properly use and care for the battery. Apart from this, if you hear any unusual smell or sound from the battery, immediately unplug it and contact a professional electrician.


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