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Introducing the Xiaomi MIJIA Dual Brush Wireless Mopping Machine for household cleaning

Xiaomi has introduced a MIJIA Dual Brush Wireless Mopping Machine that offers a mechanical mopping solution. The device is called the MIJIA Dual-Brush Wireless Mopping Machine. Here we are telling you how this device works and provides the best cleaning.

The MIJIA Dual-Brush Wireless Mopping Machine is based on a new dual-brush design and supports real-time spray cleaning. The front brush removes the dirt from the front while the rear brush removes the stains at the back, giving the users excellent cleaning. The motor’s self-driving traction force aids in smooth pushing and pulling for free cleaning. Although dual function robot vacuum cleaners with sweeping and popping are quite common in the market these days, if you have used one, you would agree that they do not provide the accuracy that a handheld mop provides.

Specifications of mopping machine

A frameless design has been given in this device. The front roller brush can deform to take the shape of the sides of the wall, to clean the edges exactly where the floor meets the wall. The MIJIA mopping machine can clean the roller brush with clean water in real time to keep it clean after use. In addition, after cleaning all users have to do is put the brush back on the base and manually turn on auxiliary cleaning with a single button for hand cleaning, reducing the cleaning frequency of the roller brush and making it more convenient to care for .

This device automatically shuts off when the water is empty or when there is an excess of dirt. Buzzer sound comes to remind you to clean on time. Talking about battery backup, the battery given in MIJIA Dual Brush Wireless Mopping Machine can last up to 35 minutes on a single charge. It has a built-in 420 ml water purification tank and 200 ml sewage tank.

MIJIA mopping machine price

Talking about the price, the crowdfunding price of MIJIA Mopping Machine is 899 Yuan i.e. around Rs 10,770 according to Indian currency. Talking about availability, it will be ready for sale from 10:00 am on April 20. At the same time, its actual price will be 999 Yuan i.e. around Rs 11,968 according to Indian currency.

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