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Introduced the world’s first cartridge with a light element for more accurate shooting. The flight path is visible even during the day

The Research Institute of Applied Chemistry of the State Corporation Rostec presented the Shleyf-Vector cartridge at the international exhibition of weapons and goods for hunting ORЁLEXPO 2022. The ammunition, intended for hunters and sports shooters, allows you to visualize the flight of a shot using a special light element, which allows you to correct shots and increase accuracy shooting.

The design of the “Schleif-Vector” consists of a wad-container with a light element installed inside and a shot sample. The pyrotechnic composition glows in flight for tenths of a second, which is enough to understand the mistake, correct the next shot and successfully hit the target.

The cartridge can be used for firing not only from classic single-barreled, double-barreled or pump-action shotguns, but also from smooth-bore weapons with gas or inertial automatics. It combines comfortable recoil on the weapon, good combat sharpness and uniformity of scree at various distances.

It is important that the visibility of the light element does not depend on the time of day and weather conditions, and a reliable light element retarder eliminates the possibility of damage to the barrel. The cartridge is certified as a civilian product and is approved for use in smoothbore weapons.

Such a cartridge is useful for beginner shooters on the bench, as well as hunters who shoot uncertainly on game hunting. The cartridge speed is about 390 m/s.

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