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Introduced an inexpensive Xiaomi direct-drive 10 kg washing machine

Xiaomi introduced the Xiaomi MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine Exclusive Edition, which has received some upgraded features over the standard MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine.

This model retained the 10kg capacity but received a Direct Drive motor. The powerful direct drive motor reduces noise levels by up to 50 dB. In addition, the MIJIA Pulsator Exclusive Edition washing machine can automatically detect the weight of the laundry and control the amount of detergent delivered. Thus, when you add laundry detergent, it will not be fully utilized by the washing machine in one wash cycle.

In addition, the washing machine automatically adjusts the amount of water based on the weight of the clothes, thus saving water and electricity. It also supports sterilization with silver ions, which penetrate the fibers of the garment with water, with a sterilization rate of 96%. The machine can also kill ticks with up to 99.9% efficiency.

Xiaomi MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine Exclusive Edition has 16 built-in washing programs. You can find exclusive washing programs for the care of every garment. There is also a fully touch-sensitive and user-friendly control panel.

The washing machine can be connected to the Mi Home app and controlled from a smartphone or using voice prompts. You can also schedule the washing time, select modes through the application.

The device is offered in China for $ 315.

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